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Guidelines and procedures

Oatley Public School general policies and procedures are summarised below. Clarification of any of these policies and the school’s position on other areas not covered online can be obtained from the school office.


Regular and punctual attendance at school is a legal obligation. Should a student be absent from school for illness or any other reason, a written explanation or a phone call is required for school records.

If a long absence is anticipated, the parent may contact the office to arrange for suitable work to be sent home. Sufficient notice should be given to allow the teacher to prepare the work. If a student is going to be away overseas or interstate the school must be notified, as an exemption from school for this period of time needs to be approved by the department.

The Absence 1 /Absence 2 can be downloaded to complete and send to your child’s class teacher.

Partial absences

Late arrivals must report to the School Office. Details will be recorded and the student will be given a late note for presentation to their teacher.

Similarly, if leaving early, the school needs to be notified in writing of details including the reason, time of leaving and who will be collecting the student. An early leaving pass must be obtained from the School Office and this is then given to the teacher.

First day of school year absentee

If your child will not be attending school on the first day of the new school year, please notify the school in writing before the end of the previous school year. This ensures that your child’s enrolment is secured and that they are placed in the appropriate class.

Accidents and illness

In the event of a student becoming ill at school or having a minor accident, school staff will undertake minor first aid. If the illness persists or there is concern about the extent of the injury, the school will contact parents or emergency contacts and seek appropriate medical attention. All accidents are documented on a register in the office.

It is very important that the office has an up to date contact number and an emergency contact number for your child.

Sick or injured children

Computer information is completed at enrolment time giving the school up-to-date telephone numbers. This information is to enable the school to contact parents in the event of sickness or injury. Parents are asked to give the school the name of a local friend or relative whom the school can contact, if the parent is unavailable. The school distributes pink or blue information cards requesting this information.

Please inform the school immediately if there is a change of address, work, mobile or home phone number.

If your child suffers any particular physical problems, the school should be informed.

Infectious diseases

If children contract an infectious disease they should stay at home until the infectious stage passes. This prevents other children from getting the disease and allows the child with the disease to recover fully. Oatley Public School adheres to the Department of Education and Training recommendations with regards to exclusion from school in the case of infectious diseases.


Parents of children requiring daily or frequent medication at school for a permanent condition must inform the Principal of medication, times and dosage in writing as well as sign the necessary parent permission form. A letter from the doctor is also required stating child’s name, symptoms, dosage and appropriate medical response. The first aid guidelines will determine whether school staff can administer the medication; if so, where the medication will be stored and who can administer it. If there are difficulties with this procedure, parents will be advised so that alternatives can be sought.

The exception to this is if your child in an asthmatic, they can self administer their medication when appropriate. If your child is unable to self administer, please see the school office staff.

Money collections

Money is collected for a variety of purposes within the school context. Money should be sealed and labeled in an Oatley Public School’s money envelope. It should show the child’s name, class and purpose of collection. On this envelope parents also sign permission for that student to be involved in the required program.

The school uses a mailbox system in the front office. Students are to deposit their envelopes in this black mailbox. Teachers do not handle money and students do not handle any cash. The school has the facility for a credit card to be used for payments but it must be over $20.


Community-based Learning (excursions) related to current educational themes are an important part of the curriculum. These may involve travel by coach or public transport, or may be walking excursions into the local community. Overnight camps and educational trips are also part of curriculum programs.

Children are not allowed to go on an excursion out of the school grounds without written permission from a parent or guardian.


Homework is an important part of daily life at Oatley Public School. All classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 are given reading and learning activities to complete at home. These may be on a daily or weekly basis according to the child’s class. A note about the expectations for the particular class is distributed from the child’s class teacher. Any issues relating to the quantity or quality of homework assignments should be initially discussed with the class teacher. The school’s Homework Policy has more detailed information about homework expectations.

Student wellbeing guidelines

Oatley Public School’s Student Wellbeing Guidelines is based from the Department of Education’s Student Welfare, Good Discipline and Effective Learning Policy. We have adapted the policy to meet the contextual needs of our school.


Online communications and mobile devices

Oatley Public School’s Online Communications Policy acknowledges that students’ learning experiences can be enhanced by securely accessing information from around the globe. Our Bring Your Own Device Strategy was introduced at the beginning of 2015 and we have a Bring our Own Device school policy to accompany this program. In addition to this, the school’s Mobile Devices Policy aims to establish guidelines for the use of student mobile phones within the school environment and aims to set out the responsibility of staff, parents and students. The students sign an agreement to ensure the safe use of all ICT devices-ICT Agreement

Sun safety

Oatley Public School encourages sun safe practices through a ‘no hat, no play’ rule. The school uniform hat is broad-brimmed with the school logo and must be worn at all times a student is outdoors for extended periods.


Oatley Public School provides Teaching and Learning programs in six Key Learning Areas which include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Creative and Practical Arts
  • Health, Physical Education and Personal Development
  • Science and Technology