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Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to extend a warm Welcome to our 2021 Kindergarten students and families. We are looking forward to beginning our school term on Monday 1st February. 

Due to revised COVID guidelines, we have a few changes to our drop off and pick up procedures over the first week for Kindergarten ONLY.

Drop off Procedures  Monday 1st February 2021- Friday 5th February 2021

​Kindergarten Student's are to be dropped off on our North Site Playground at strictly 9.30am. Only 1 parent/carer will be able to enter the school grounds and MUST sign in at table provided at the School entrance gate.

Also displayed at the gate will be students names organised into alphabetical order according to their surname. Beside each name will be a colour, this is the group your child will placed in for the first week. 

Stars with the corresponding colours will also be displayed once you enter the school grounds to signal where your child is to line up. ( Please note these may not necessarily be the class your child is in for the year, you will be notified of their class placement on Friday 5th February.)

Following sign in parents can accompany their child into the school grounds and let their child join their class colour. Parents are then required to stand behind the witches hats on the grass area and maintain social distancing.Teachers will be  responsible for your child and walk them into the classrooms.

Pick up Procedures Monday 1st February 2021- Friday 5th February 2021

Afternoon pick up time will be 3.00pm. Again 1 parent/carer only may enter the school, signing in at the entry gate. (The coloured stars will again be displayed to highlight where the pick up point for your child will be.) Please wait on the grass area behind the witches hats maintaining social distancing protocols. The Kindergarten classes will be staggered to come out to meet parents and then we need parents to quickly exit the school grounds.

The above procedures  have been adjusted for Monday 1st February 2021- Friday 5th February 2021  to allow our new students to transition into school and ensure social distancing protocols by parents. We will notify you towards the end of next week with procedures for the following weeks.

Please note normal school hours are 9.20am - 3.20pm.

Thank you for your support, 

Kindergarten Orientation for 2021 at Oatley Public School. Transition practices, including orienting children and families to the school environment, experiences and routines remain an important priority for ensuring children have a strong and successful start to school. 

Kindergarten Zoom Session information- Enrolment procedures, Communiation Platforms, Kindergarten orientation outline

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