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Student wellbeing

Teaching philosophy

What is happening in schools and more specifically the classroom is forever changing to meet the needs of society. We live in a society with increasing amounts of information, technology and social responsibilities, therefore, today’s learning needs must reflect this in order to prepare learners for their future.

No longer is teaching and learning about filling ’empty vessels’ with facts and figures whilst teaching the fundamentals of language and maths. Traditional skills of literacy and numeracy still play a core role in today’s learning however, learners are also required to be technology literate, information literate, critical and creative thinkers, as well as being resilient and co-operative citizens with local and global perspectives.

Teacher’s mission

As teachers at Oatley Public School, we believe that teaching and learning should be an enjoyable and productive partnership involving the whole school community. This can be achieved through:

  • The development of a supportive environment that values people and caters for difference.
  • Providing a meaningful and engaging learning journey with identified outcomes.
  • Providing an environment that continually develops all students’ higher order thinking skills and strategies.
  • The opportunity for active participation in the learning process by all stakeholders.
  • As we continue our learning journey we will be looking at these beliefs and developing them to reflect our changing society and the needs of learners.