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Performing Arts Extracurricular Activities

The performing arts extracurricular activities allow students to explore and develop their talents in various artistic areas, including Band, Choir, Dance, Debating, and Public Speaking. Through participation in these activities, students will improve their skills, build their confidence, and develop a love for the arts.

Band and Choir offer students the chance to showcase their musical talents, whether playing an instrument or singing. Dance provides students with an outlet to express themselves through movement. Students interested in joining Dance Group must fill in a note as the group is run exclusively by Pulse Dance studio. Dance, Choir, and Band groups will be given the exciting opportunity to showcase their talents at the School Performing Arts Festival (SPAF)

Debating and Public Speaking offer a chance to hone critical thinking and persuasive skills. Our public speaking activities are designed to help students develop their confidence and communication skills and are done in class with the guidance and support of our experienced teachers.

Our teachers who took on these activities are dedicated to nurturing students' artistic abilities and encouraging them to explore their passions. Plus, our extracurricular activities offer a fun and engaging way to socialize and make new friends.