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The Oatley Public School Canteen is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week (excluding first week of each year) and is run by school parents and friends. All money raised by the canteen after operating costs goes directly back into funding school-based initiatives and educational projects. Children can order a lunch that is delivered to their classroom, and there are also snacks and drinks available for purchase from the canteen window during lunch break.

The canteen follows the Healthy Kids Association guidelines for menu options. Where possible the food is home made, and based on availability some ingredients such as vegetables and eggs are sourced from the school’s GreenSparks program. All organic waste is also used by GreenSparks.

There is a dedicated group that aim to make the canteen progressive and a valuable contributor to the school community. A Canteen Convenor is elected as part of the P&C elected positions to assist in the running of the canteen. Mel and Ingrid are Oatley’s valuable Canteen Co-ordinators that manage the daily operation of the canteen, including creation of the menu, ordering supplies, arranging volunteers and liaising with the school regarding catering for events. They are always looking for helpers if you would like to become involved.

Parent helpers

The P&C encourages your participation as part of the P&C committee, and/or as a volunteer during daily service at the canteen. To operate, the canteen needs 2 - 3 volunteers each day from 9am until around 12:30pm. Whilst the canteen does have some 'veterans', no experience is necessary to volunteer – just bring a sense of fun and embrace the opportunity to interact with other parents and friends in the school community. Mel and Ingrid will guide you as much as necessary, and tasks generally include heating and preparing hot/cold lunch orders, cleaning up and working at the window during lunch. Every child loves the feeling of having a family member on canteen duty for the day.

If you are interested in being part of the Canteen Committee or the canteen roster, please stop by the canteen under the South Site COLA or send an enquiry to the email address at the bottom of this page. Note that the school administration office will not be able to assist with canteen roster enquiries so please consult with the canteen directly.

How to order

To order a lunch for your child, the canteen requests an online service called Flexischools be used. This is an online ordering system where food and drink can be ordered from the school specified menu. It can be viewed on a web browser on a smartphone ar Flexischools have an app. Flexischools orders need to be placed by 9am to have access to the full canteen menu.

To Order

Go to flexischools.com.au and select the ‘My Account’ button and login
To place an order, click on the ‘Online Ordering’ button for your student.
Select the items you wish to order. Select your payment option and complete payment to place your order.

Forgotten to order?

If the 9am cut off is missed, a very reduced emergency menu is available through Flexischools until 10:30am. Alternatively, speak to the team at the canteen to discuss menu options that are still available to choose from.

Whilst orders placed through Flexischools make the canteen process smoother, paper bags are still accepted for emergencies at the canteen window prior to the morning school bell (9:20am). However, the current canteen menu is only published and maintained on Flexischools.

The following information needs to be written on the bag

  • Name and class
  • Money total and change if required (the change will be taped to the outside of the bag)
  • If you have ordered both hot and cold items, please attach an extra bag which will allow them to be packed separately
  • Note: Paper bags supplied by the canteen are 20c each

Contact details

Any queries you have regarding the canteen please don’t hesitate to drop by in person or send an email to canteen@oatleypublicschool.nsw.edu.au

Canteen updates are also regularly published on the Oatley P&C Noticeboard group in Facebook and in the P&C Newsletter through the Oatley Public School website.

Flexischools setup

To register your account follow the steps below:

  1. Go to flexischools.com.au, select the ‘Register’ button and enter your email address.
  2. You will be sent a registration email with a link to the registration page.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to set up your account.
  4. Once your account is set up, add your students and select their school and class.

Topping up your account

Credit can also be added to your account using VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or by direct deposit. We recommend topping up your account by $20 and you will receive an email reminder when your account is running low. If you choose, you can also setup automatic top-up from your credit card so your account always has funds available.

How to Add an Icon to your Smartphone for Flexischools (when using browser)

Flexischools Charges for Inactive Accounts

Note that Flexiscools applies charges for accounts not used for 12 months. If you have a positive balance on your Flexischools account they will send you an email after 11 months of inactivity asking if you would still like to use the service, or if you would like your balance returned to you or donated to charity.  This email also details that if no action is taken after 12 months of inactivity, an account keeping fee of $1.50 will be charged per month until the balance reaches $zero then the account will be closed.  More information on Flexischools can be found on the Flexischools website: flexischools.com.au.

Flexischools Contact Details

If you have problems with your Flexischools account they can be contacted directly on 1300 361 769.