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Oatley Public School Canteen

Opening Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (excluding the first week of each year)
Opening Time: 9:00 - 12:10
Canteen Coordinators: Mel and Ingrid
Contact Email: 

Children can order lunch in the morning that is delivered to their classroom. There are also snacks and drinks available for purchase from the canteen window during lunch break.

The canteen menu follows the Healthy Kids Association guidelines. Most of the food is homemade using ingredients from the school’s Greensparks program. All organic waste is also used by Greensparks for the vegetable garden. All money raised by the canteen (after operating costs) goes towards the funding of school-based initiatives and educational projects. 

Ordering Lunch


All lunch orders are processed using the Flexischool app. The canteen menu is also available on Flexischool. Look at the guide below to set up a Flexischool account to start ordering lunch. 

Use the Flexischools app or go to www.flexischools.com to place a lunch order for your child. Flexischools app only accepts online payments. Please place your order before 9am.

If you missed the 9am cutoff, a reduced menu option is available between 9am - 10:30am. Alternatively, paper bag orders are still accepted for emergencies at the canteen window before 9:20am with the following information: Child's name and class, money (+20 cents for the paper bag) and ordered item's name. 

Canteen Operation and Parent Helpers

The Oatley Public School's P&C is dedicated to making the canteen progressive and valuable to the school community. The P&C elects the Canteen Convenor to assist in the running of the canteen. The canteen coordinators, Mel and Ingrid, manages the daily operation, menu creation, supplies order, volunteers arrangement and liaising with the school regarding events catering. The P&C encourages parents' participation as part of the P&C committee or as a canteen volunteer. You have the opportunity to interact with other parents, friends and students in the school community, and every child loves seeing their family member on canteen duty. 

If you are interested in being part of the Canteen Committee or the canteen roster, please stop by the canteen under the South Site COLA or send an email to this email. No experience is required to volunteer. Our friendly coordinators, Mel and Ingrid, will guide you as much as necessary. If you have any canteen roster enquiries, please consult with the canteen coordinators directly.