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Dear Parent / Carer,

Week beginning Monday 18 October 2021 UPDATE for Term 4 Week 3


This information relates from last week’s newsletter and what is happening here at Oatley Public School.

We’re excited about our return to face-to-face learning and welcoming students and staff back onsite where we know the best learning happens. This is a short summary of what our parents and students can expect.


While we know there is excitement about the return to school it’s important that we stick to the staged return to give us time to be ready to welcome back students onsite. Essential worker’s students during this first staggered return to school will remain in that cohort of Years 2-6 on the south site until they return the following week.

Students will return to face-to-face learning in the following order

 18 October – KL, KD, KA, KB, 1M, 1D and the YEAR 1 only for 1/2E
 25 October – all remaining year groups, inclusive of Year 2 from 1/2E


Our COVID-safe return to school plan is NSW Health approved and includes numerous effective practices to support the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. These practices include vaccinations, mask wearing, reduced mingling of student groups and staff, ventilation in classrooms and continued good hygiene and cleaning.


As we return to school students will be kept in their cohorts to minimise opportunities for transmission of COVID-19 and to enable effective contact tracing and containment. This means minimising interaction between students on school grounds and keeping cohorts together where possible.

Our cohorts are defined as Class cohort where all inside and any sports activities will be delivered to this class cohort by their class teacher. Lunch will be eaten with Cohort class teacher.

K-2 class/grade cohorts will remain on the north site and 3-6 class/Grade cohorts will remain on the south site for this return to school period until health advice changes with cohort groupings. We have tried to minimise cohort contact.

When in the playground during lunch and fruitbreak playing times we will be playing in Grade cohorts allocated to specific playground areas where supervision will be the responsibility of that grade cohort staff. An example is for Year 1 the Year 1 grade cohort will have a specific play area and will only be supervised by Grade 1 teachers over the three duty playing breaks. All students must have access to the toilets. The toilets are deep cleaned continually which will have sanitiser and soap for students to wash their hands. This will occur on both sites when all students return.


A school stream alert was sent Thursday 14 October to all community members. Please read this information as it does impact on your child’s attendance as from the next couple of weeks when all students have returned back to school. NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education by returning students to school have prioritised the safety and wellbeing of our students. The information provided for attendance is the expectation that our school must follow.

 If LFH plans need to continue for some students who have a medical certificate, teachers will provide a link to the parents to the DET LFH website for parents to access for their child/ren. Work from these LFH plans will need to be uploaded daily to the class teacher to be marked as attending. If a student does not return and does not have a medical certificate then teachers will mark the student as absent.


Masks are required to be worn on school site by staff indoors and outdoors and is strongly recommended for students indoors and outdoors unless exercising or eating.
Students are encouraged to bring their own masks, however, we will have child masks available for their use, should they be requested.


All staff required on site supporting the return to school will need to be fully vaccinated from 18 October. At Oatley we have all staff fully vaccinated including SASS staff for their return to work.

This is inclusive of staff in our canteen and external providers such as speech therapists and occupational therapists when they are allowed to return.


Having open or well-ventilated spaces reduces the risk of transmission of COVID-19 because infectious particles are more quickly diffused in the open air. The department will continue to work with NSW Health to provide us with advice and guidance on maintaining good ventilation in our school and we will make use of our outdoor spaces wherever practical.

The Department of Education has conducted an audit on all doors and windows in spaces across the school. Doors and windows will be kept open to ensure ventilation in all the classrooms. The fans that are used in the classrooms are designed to ventilate upwards, which will also help with the heat factor through the warmer months. Air conditioning units will still be used through summer even with the doors and windows open.

Our school has been through an initial audit, followed by assets ensuring windows are working and can be opened and finally by a final audit for ventilation.


During Term 4 many school-based activities will remain on hold until NSW Health advise otherwise. This includes large celebrations like assemblies, presentation days and graduations, performing arts and sports events.

We can inform our community as health regulations change with new information.

We are eagerly waiting for advice from NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education about our Year 6 Farewell and Kindergarten Orientation program. Again, once confirmed, these plans will be shared with our community. Meanwhile we are communicating with our Kinder 2022 parents, have a website presence and a committee is meeting for the Year 6 Farewell.


Will be operational for lunches only from Monday 25 October 2021. Our GA will trolley the lunch orders over to the north site for Class cohorts to receive. 3-6 will access lunch orders for Class cohorts from allocated areas in front of our hall.   THERE WILL BE NO COUNTER SERVICE.


Parents and students will be notified if a decision is made to close the school due to a confirmed case of COVID-19. If the school is to close, we will continue to provide learning from home activities, and we will let you know when we can return to face-to-face learning. Each case can vary so after the school notifies the DET hotline we are guided by NSW Health.

All official communication will be delivered through ClassDojo and if required, will be directly emailed to families. Please check that you have the ClassDojo app installed on your device so that you do not miss any important information.

To ensure that you receive the information you need, please make sure that your contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, have been updated with our office. You can do this by phoning our school on 95805519


Onsite orientations and transition programs are not currently allowed in person on school sites until we are advised differently by NSW Health and the Department of Education. We’ll share more information in the coming weeks about our school’s virtual orientation and transition program.

Parents have scheduled appointments to finalise their enrolment and check and uniform orders are being actioned.

If parents require new uniforms other than new enrolments, please order on line via flexischools. The uniform will come to the office and the office staff will ring parents for appointments to collect them.


Only essential visitors are allowed on school sites. All visitors are required to wear a mask and sign-in using the Service NSW QR code when entering the school. PARENTS ARE NOT TO ENTER SCHOOL SITES UNLESS HAVING AN APPOINTMENT therefore will go straight to the office to sign in. Sign in is through QR code specific to Oatley Public School.


All K-1 students as they return next week will have one entry point on Neville Street. It will be at the stairs going into the north site playground and will have a teacher to meet and greet our students. We are asking that only one parent accompany their child.r/en to this entry point and then move away as quickly as possible to maintain social distancing practices. Another teacher will be on the north site playground supervising and directing students into their allocated Grade cohort spaces. This will continue when our Year 2 students return the following week. The gates will not be opened until 8.50am normal school operational time.


Entry points will be Letitia Street and Neville Street for 3-6 for our next return to school student groups. One staff members will be at each entry point ( Letitia and Neville Street) south site and a teacher will be in a supervisory role to guide students to allocated grade cohort areas. Students should not be arriving before 8.50am as the playground is not supervised.

DISMISSAL at 3.20pm to COLLECT K-2 from NORTH SITE will be at specific class cohort points on Neville Street.

Teachers will be bringing their class cohort out from various exit points to meet parents on Neville Street. There are allocated class signs where parents can meet their child. Class teachers will elaborate on class cohort. Again one parent will allow for social distancing in this pick up area and also allows for parents to quickly sight their child and leave. PLEASE DO NOT CONGREGATE TOGETHER ON NEVILLE STREET as we need this street to be cleared as quickly as possible.We are trying not to have staggered times for dismissal because each day of losing teaching learning time impacts on our children.

DISMISSAL at 3.20pm 3-6

Our 3-6 students will exit from the closest exit point for them to get home. We know some students need to pick up younger siblings or meet parents who are picking up younger siblings. Parents please organise the best meeting point for your older children to meet you which supports social distancing. If parents are running late a teacher will be supervising them at the Letitia Street exit.

We are very excited about our teachers and students returning as from next week. The procedures we will follow are having safety and health as our priority. Thank you for supporting our students returning to school. The teachers have been planning some wonderful programs to support wellbeing and engagement for our students back into a fantastic Oatley Public School setting.


Debbie Hunter   


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All students returning to school


25 October


9:20-3:20 AM

Oatley Public School

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23 November


9:00-3:00 AM


Times will vary according to specific schools.




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03 February


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