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From the Principal

Thank you to all our parents who are navigating their way through this Learning from Home period. Our last two weeks has been attest for staff, students and parents in accessing online learning. Many challenges have been experienced however, as professionals we are working through these.

Our overview of Learning from Home for our final week of this term Monday to Thursday will be posted onto our website and available to our students on Monday morning. You will note that each day in the overview you will see *** PRIORITY TASK against either one or two activities. This is important for you to note because these are the expected tasks that need to be completed by your child in that day and uploaded onto the online platform that your child is working from (Class Dojo or Google Classroom). Over the last week you have developed the skill of scanning/taking photos of tasks and uploading them to Class Dojo and Google Classroom for teachers to view.

We have ***prioritised these tasks which cover all our curriculum areas as evidence of our students learning. These ***prioritised tasks are what teachers will be providing feedback on to your child. We will be grateful if completion of these*** priority tasks are completed first and then the other daily activities can be completed. We have moved to this strategy because we respect parents are working from home and in many cases many parents are working with more than one child. The teachers will be monitoring these ***prioritised tasks daily as well as allowing students to have them all completed by the end of the overview week. We are allowing for flexibility in the home environment.

Teachers will also be streamlining their time online for contact with students. Classes open in the morning for specific information and questions to be answered. In the middle of the day teachers will be off-line to gather the work samples students are uploading and developing further programming for further online learning overviews. At the end of the day teachers will be back online to check in with their class, answer any questions especially in regard to ***priority tasks and complete their roll call for the day.

As we move further into this Learning from Home phase you will see teaching videos accompanying tasks for your child to access as well as explicit expectations for your child to provide back to the teacher.

We are also mindful of the availability of printable material being accessed if schools are closed in Term 2 so we are endeavouring to make our tasks so that any work students need to complete should be completed in a workbook they have been given from school or on Google Classroom.

At this point in time we are asking parents to contact their class teacher if they do not have means to internet access.

Thanking you Debbie Hunter Principal

3 April 2020

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